About Me

You can call me Gravi.

I am a 23 year old guy from Spain.

I am a lover of kinky stuff and, especially, female domination. I have been into the latter for some years now, and I’m currently in an online D/S relationship with Mistress Q. She is my Mistress and keyholder.

So, I am also a sub that is kept in chastity.

Gravi the sub

I am devoted, loyal, obedient, realistic and honest. And I’m also a masochist. To mention a flaw, I’m quite impatient. Which, as a sub, doesn’t benefit me in any way, as one could imagine.

I enjoy the feeling of being owned, of being under the control of a powerful woman. I love making my Mistress happy, making her laugh and making her horny, too. Her pleasure is my pleasure. And, of course, I hate disappointing her. That’s why I always do my best and try to learn and be a better sub every day.

Gravi the vanilla guy

I am easy-going, sensible, honest, humble and maybe not as realistic as I am as a sub. And I’m also quite impatient.

I love going to concerts, traveling, watching a good movie or series, having a warm coffee or a fresh beer with my friends, and doing nerdy stuff with computers. Like this website, which, by the way, was Mistress Q’s idea.

You can find me on FetLife and ChastityMansion as GraviFD.