How to have a prostate orgasm

There’s many ways a person can reach an orgasm. One of them is by stimulating the prostate. Obviously, this one only applies to men. But, many people don’t know how to achieve a prostate orgasm, and many others know how to do it but struggle to reach climax. So, I wrote this guide for those people. Keep reading in order to learn how to have a prostate orgasm.

A prostate orgasm can be achieved in a lot of different ways. I will focus on the one I have the most experience in, so that I make sure this article is useful.

The steps to be followed in order to have a prostate orgasm are the following:

  1. Get yourself ready.
  2. Choose a toy.
  3. Get some lube.
  4. Get in position.
  5. Stimulate your prostate (and reach climax).

Get yourself ready

Preparation, when one is thinking of playing with their butt, is key.

There are three things one should do before anything:

  1. Get cleaned. To avoid unwanted surprises it’s advisable to get an enema before starting.
  2. Empty your bladder. Since you will be relaxing all your muscles during the process, peeing before starting is a clever thing to do.
  3. Stretch your anal muscles. In order for things to go smoothly and not struggle in the last step, it’s recommended to wear a butt plug for about an hour before starting.

Choose a toy

Using a toy isn’t really necessary in order to reach a prostate orgasm. This can be done with the fingers, too. But a toy will always make it easier.

There are two toys that, in my opinion, are ideal for reaching a prostate orgasm: dildos and prostate massagers:

  • A dildo has a shape, length and width that will make it easier to have a prostate orgasm. The size doesn’t really matter.
  • A prostate massager is a device that’s designed to stimulate the prostate gland. So, using this toy will make it even easier to reach this kind of orgasm. There are prostate massagers that vibrate, others that vibrate and pulsate and others that do none of that.

Any of those toys can do the job, but it might be difficult to choose one. In my opinion, a prostate massager that vibrates and pulsates is definitely the toy that will be more effective for this. The second place is for a prostate massager that vibrates; the third, for a prostate massager that doesn’t have any special function and, the fourth place, is for the dildo.

Choose your toy keeping in mind what I said above. The chance of success with a prostate massager that vibrates and pulsatesis extremely high. Reaching a prostate orgasm with a dildo will be quite more difficult.

Get some lube

Lube is of utmost importance here. Everything has to be very well lubed up, so it doesn’t feel uncomfortable or hurt. If it feels uncomfortable or hurts, reaching climax will be near impossible.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a water, oil or silicone-based lube. But, keep in mind that a lot of toys shouldn’t be used with a silicone-based lube, because it can deteriorate them.

So, choose the lube of your choice, but always keeping in mind the latter.

Get in position

The position is also quite important. It has to be one in which you can stay in for long enough without getting tired or hurt, and that also allows you to use the toy comfortably. It should let you reach your prostate easily, too.

I have found out that the following are two positions that are perfect to do this:

how to have a prostate orgasm position

Get in the one you are the most comfortable in.

Stimulate your prostate (and reach climax)

And now, it’s finally time to start playing with your prostate and reaching the so desired prostate orgasm.

Something very important is to be mentally prepared. If you are in a state of arousal, it will be easier to achieve a prostate orgasm. The more sexually aroused you are, the easier it will be.

Another thing that’s quite important, is to relax all your muscles. Specially, the muscles of your pelvic area.

If you are using a dildo

Lube up the dildo and start inserting it very slowly. If it hurts, take it out, wait for a couple of minutes and then try inserting it again. Take your time to get used to it. If you have been wearing a butt plug, you shouldn’t have much difficulties. When great part of it is inside, take it out. Insert it in again and thrust it in and out a few times, to make sure you have gotten used to it and it doesn’t hurt.

Insert the dildo again and point it towards your prostate. That is, slightly upwards, as if you wanted to touch your bellybutton with its tip from the inside. Thrust it in and out slowly, and gradually pick up the pace.

You will know you are on your way when you feel a tingling sensation on the tip of your penis. When you feel it, keep going.

After not too long, you will feel the orgasm coming. You might think you are going to pee yourself, but don’t worry; you will not. Don’t stop, and you will eventually orgasm.

If you are using a prostate massager

Depending on the type of prostate massager, this could be done in different ways:

  • Vibrating and pulsating prostate massager. Lube it up and insert it slowly. Then, turn it on. Start with the least intense vibrating mode, and when you feel you are ready to change to the next one, do so. Play with the different vibrating modes for a while. Then, turn the pulsating mode on. If the device has different intensities, start with the least intense and change to the next one when you feel you are ready. You can play with the pulsating modes too. After a while, you will feel the aforementioned tingling sensation on the tip of your penis. Just let the prostate massager do its thing until you feel the orgasm approach, and eventually cum.
  • Vibrating prostate massager. Lube the prostate massager up and insert it slowly. Turn it on and when you feel you can go further, change to the next mode. Experiment with the different vibration modes the device has, and stick with the one that’s the most pleasurable to you. You will eventually feel your orgasm nearing. Don’t do anything and wait until it finally hits you.

TIP: Learn how to control the different settings the prostate massagers has, so you know what mode you are activating during play time.

  • Prostate massager with no special functions. After lubing it up, insert it carefully. Then, rock it back and forth. You don’t need to point it upwards as you would have to do with a dildo, since its shape is designed for it to rub your prostate as it gets inserted normally. It may take you some time, but at some point you will feel the orgasm getting closer. When this happens, keep going until you reach orgasm.

TIP: You can rock back and forth any of the mentioned prostate massagers. Doing this with a prostate massager that vibrates, or with one that vibrates and pulsates, will add to the pleasure and will help reaching the prostate orgasm faster.

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