A letter to Mistress Q

Dear Mistress Q,

Many times I have let You know how happy I am to be Your submissive, and how amazing of a Mistress You are. And, now, I want to express it in this letter that will last forever.

Becoming Your sub is one of the best things that has happened to me. And I mean it. Sexuality is part of one’s identity, and living it in a way that is satisfactory is key in order to really feel happy and fulfilled in life. I have known, since a relatively young age, that I am a submissive. And my goal since I realised this has been to find someone with whom I can freely show that side of mine and fully enjoy it. I spent years looking for someone who would make me feel that I’m living my sexuality as I really need to feel happy and fulfilled. With whom I could create a genuine connection. During all those years I met a lot of people, I tried a lot of things, but I just wouldn’t find that person. Until I met You. You gave me a chance. You showed genuine interest in me. You actually wanted to create a connection with me, which no one else tried before. We started our dynamic and it rapidly became the best D/S relationship I have ever had. You make me feel satisfied when it comes to my sexual life. And that makes me feel more fulfilled and happy. I want you to know that I am infinitely grateful to You.

You are the most caring, intelligent, loving, gorgeous, fun Mistress. You want the best for me. You are there during the good and the bad times. You give the best advice. You help me grow as a person. You actually care about me. You are beautiful. You are just perfect.

I still can not believe that I am this lucky. That I have such an amazing Mistress.

Thank You for being the way you are, Mistress. And thank You for being my Mistress.

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